About Me

I was a civil software engineer in Santa Barbara, CA with a passion for computer science, electrical engineering and embedded systems technology with a huge desire to give a small push to  people and help them reach their personal objectives.
I’m a regular girl from the hood with big dreams and aspirations.
My personal goal is to assist people find the perfect software, provide techinical help or help them achieve a specific goal using digital technology. I want to help people reach their highest potential by sharing the experience and expertise I earned and developed over all these years.

So how can I help you?


My aim is to turn your problems into ashes.

I will try to post on this blog the fruit of my experiences and learnings I have collected over the years , so I may guide you to success, security and happiness .

You will be able to find free courses or books in electronic formats as gifts from me, I will also provide you some good offers through my personal affiliate links so you can use them to enjoy special offers.


Here Is What You Can Do Now



After having made all this clear, I suggest that you take a long look through my blog-post. I am sure that you will find something that truly resonates with you.