Ashampoo Cinemagraph Review

Ashampoo Cinemagraph Review – How to Create Stunning Moving Pictures

If you’re looking to bring magic into your website, e-commerce platforms or social media profiles by using cinemagraphs or moving pictures then you will want to check out how Ashampoo Cinemagraph that can get it done for you. In this Ashampoo Cinemagraph Review, we will briefly cover what cinemagraph is and how Ashampoo has made it too easy for even beginners and non-professionals to do Harry Potter-like moving pictures in just minutes and without the hefty price tag of Photoshop.



Cinemagraph is a digital art form where a still photo is combined with a video to create a frozen image with some elements in a loop of active motion. The effect is somewhat similar to the moving pictures in portraits hanging in Hogwarts of the Harry Potter movie series or like how Quicksilver moved around in X-men while everything else was at a standstill. The first cinemagraph was created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg for their fashion photo in GIF format. GIFs are usually low-quality file singular format while a cinemagraph would be in a more dynamic H.264 file format.

How to make a good Cinemagraph?


A good cinemagraph can be created by using a relatively stable video (preferably taken using a tripod which would have very minimal camera shake) and Ashampoo Cinemagraph. Import your video into Ashampoo Cinemagraph. Once imported, you can use Ashampoo Cinemagraph‘s video editing functions. Use the brushes to paint over the areas that you want either to stay still or keep in motion. You can use a rounded or square brush stroke to suit your target element in the picture. You can also adjust brush size as needed. Once you’re finished, you can export your moving pictures in a file format of your choice.


Why choose Ashampoo Cinemagraph?


Ashampoo Cinemagraph is a powerful video editing software that can help you create eye catching cinemagraphs in a matter of minutes. This software allows you to crop, rotate, adjust aspect ratios, and master time. You can even vary playback speeds and add a delay effect. Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to save your settings for later use and output in any of the following formats: animated GIF, MP4 (H.264), WMV, Motion JPEG, Webm, OGG, and uncompressed AVI. You can use Ashampoo Cinemagraph to turn videos into semi-still photographs. To get started, download the free trial version of Ashampoo Cinemagraph, and follow the instructions to install the software.

What’s more, Ashampoo Cinemagraph also allows you to optimize video settings by adjusting color saturation, shadows, and white balance. You can also add text or video titles to enhance your video. With twenty-three built-in effects and six transition effects, Ashampoo Cinemagraph lets you fine-tune your effects and optimize them for your specific needs. With its powerful features, you’ll be ready to create impressive cinemagraphs in no time at all.

How Good Is Ashampoo Cinemagraph?


There are many Iphone and Android moving pictures apps that mobile phone users use to create cinemagraphs from videos taken from their phone. However, for the desktop users, the Ashampoo Cinemagraph is powerful yet simple software for creating eye-catching animations in a moving picture. It allows you to create cinemagraphs from any video by combining motion and stillness. It converts video files into semi-still photos by stabilizing parts of them. Its powerful editing features allow you to convert common video formats, codecs and resolution into outputs that are suitable for live sales or banner advertisements. Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to make changes to the video file’s speed and rotate, cut, and scale it freely. In addition, you can easily save your finished video as a GIF or animated GIF.

When comparing various editing tools, it is important to keep in mind that some are better than others. For example, Photoshop does not have as much control over color and contrast as Ashampoo Cinemagraph. This program has a plethora of editing tools, including the ability to tweak shadows, white balance, and exposure. While Photoshop has its own limitations and can be costly, Ashampoo Cinemagraph is the perfect solution for those who want to create beautiful images quickly and easily.

Ashampoo Cinemagraph is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. There is a free trial version for a limited period of 10 to 30 days which would allow you to create stunning animated videos.

Ashampoo Cinemagraph is excellent for creating moving pictures. But if you prefer to only use a photo editor, you may want to consider using Ashampoo Photo Commander. If you only want a video editor, you may want to look at Wondershare Uniconverter.

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