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Ashampoo PDF Pro Review – All You Need To Know

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This article will be an Ashampoo PDF Pro Review where we will try to cover all shady and unknown parts and sides of the Ashampoo PDF Pro Software .
We understand your concerns and interests before taking an action about this program and we’ll try to answer your question in order to help you make the decision whether the software fulfils your needs as a user or not.

After testing it and giving it the time it needs, we are now in a good position to review it, give the pros and cons about it and also benefit from our experience in the world of softwares so you can only get the best of the best.

Many Ashampoo users confuse it sometimes with The Photo Commander 16, as they may look similar at first. However, their professional use are very different from each other.
The Photo Commander is a multimedia software that you can use to create slideshows and make photos look nicer. On the other hand, Ashampoo PDF Pro is a PDF editor that reads all kinds of PDF files and edit them like a word processor. You can also use it to add your trademark on your professional files to make them more presentable.

Ashampoo PDF Pro Uses

The Ashampoo PDF Pro software could be used for different & various purposes. These are the key features of the software:

  1.  Read All PDF Files
  2.  Add Personal TradeMark
  3.  Text Wrapping
  4.  Create PDF SlideShows
  5.  Convert Pdf Files to All Types of Files (epub,doc,HTML,jpg…)
  6.  Reorganise pages and personalise
  7.  Add Comments
  8.  Add Underlines

How To Add Your Signature Using Ashampoo PDF Pro?

Whether you are an individual working online or a member from a group in a company that has a good reputation, adding your signature and trademark to your important files will surely help to make your business look more professional and trustworthy. These are the main key steps you can use to do so in seconds :

1-Click On Edit

Add Signature on Ashampoo PDF Pro Step 1

First you need to open the software’s dashboard and head to the edit tab


Add Signature on Ashampoo PDF Pro Step 2

Once you are inside the edit tab you’ll need to search for the Signature tab so you can have access to it

3- Upload The Logo

Add Signature on Ashampoo PDF Pro Step 3

First you Have to Upload your logo into the define section so you can have access to it

4- ADD logo

Add Signature on Ashampoo PDF Pro Step 4

Now that you have uploaded it you can add it to your file using the insert tab

Ashampoo PDF Pro Languages

The Ashampoo company is a very famous company that has a very good reputation and clients all over the world, that is why they have thought about their clients all over the world.

Ashampoo made the PDF pro multi-language that is available in different languages such as :

  •  French
  •  English
  •  German
  •  Dutch
  •  Turkish
  •  British
  •  Poruguese
  •  Italian
  •  Spanish
  •  Chinese
  •  Danish
  •  Russian and much more ….

How Can You Switch Languages in Ashampoo PDF Pro?

Switching the language of the Ashampoo PDF Pro is pretty easy once you follow these exact steps :

1- File Tab

Change Language in Ashampoo PDF PRO Step1


First, we need to open The Software’s interface and hover over the File Tab

2- Preferences

Change Language in Ashampoo PDF PRO Step2

Once you’re inside the File Tab you’ll need to search for the Preferences tab (this can be replaced by a shortcut of CTRL + K)

3- Head to The Interface Language

Change Language in Ashampoo PDF PRO Step3

You’ll find 2 different dropbox of languages. Make sure you’re in the Interface Language Section.

4- Find The Perfect Language

Change Language in Ashampoo PDF PRO Step

Scroll down Languages until you find the perfect Language for you that will make it easy for you to use the software

5- Confirm

Change Language in Ashampoo PDF PRO Step5

Once you’ve made your choice and choose the language you’ll need to restart the application so that the changes can be made.

What Makes Ashampoo PDF Pro Special From Other PDF Softwares?

 Ashampoo PDF Pro is a drag and drop software which makes it better than the other PDF softwares.
Let’s not forget about the customizable dashboard that gives you all the right to make it look exactly as you wish . After mentioning all of that, here is the magic part : Purchasing one license key gives you the ability to use the softwares on 3 different devices.

Ashampoo PDF Pro Features

– Embedded Pictures Replacing
– Integrated auto corrector
– Drag & Drop Interface
– Slideshows Creation
– Sensored Files Encryption

Ashampoo PDF Pro System Requirements

1) Operating System : Windows 7 , Windows 8 ,  Windows 10

2) Ram : 2GB or more required

3) Hard disk : 600 MB of free space for installation

4) Processor : intel pentium 4 dual corporation or more

Note : Having a Laptop with Powerful Processor and ram can make the Software load and perform quicker.

Ashampoo PDF Pro Clients Testimonials

What Makes Ashampoo PDF Pro Special ?

Using Ashampoo PDF Pro you can edit, add and convert all types of downloaded PDF files, which gives you a total freedom to use them and edit them as you wish without asking for help from professionals.

Ashampoo PDF Pro Availability

Based on their large community and following to their requirements Ashampoo has made it quick and simple to gain access to the PDF Pro software by purchasing the license online in a very secure way using their online store.


In conclusion , there are a lot of reasons why you should go with Ashampoo instead of other PDF readers. By using Ashampoo PDF Pro, you are guaranteed to have excellent performance, security and reliability.
Not only that, Ashampoo also provides you with a support team that could assist you whenever you face a problem using the Ashampoo PDF Pro. Besides that, unlike a lot of other PDF Readers, the Ashampoo PDF Pro is very easy to use and has no bugs so you can use it in a very professional way with no troubles.
In the end, there is no need to remind you about the job Ashampoo has been doing over the last years and the quality of their softwares. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years.
Using Ashampoo PDF Pro is not only the smartest choice, it is also an economic one  as you can  use it in 3 different devices with the price of 1 license only .

Use Discount To Purchase Ashampoo PDF Pro

Ashampoo PDF Pro can be used for a lot of purposes such as creating carousels, slideshows. It can also be used to Read , Edit And Convert PDF Files.

Yes , the Ashampoo PDF Pro can be considered one of the best PDF Readers if not the best.

The Price Of Ashampoo PDF Pro is 30 USD.

Yes, the Ashampoo PDF Pro software is made to be easy for everyone.

Yes, you can customize the interface to make it look exactly like you wish.

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