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Ashampoo WebCam Guard – How to Prevent Unathorized Access of Your Webcam

If you use your laptop’s built in camera  and microphone or even a desktop external webcam, then your privacy may be at risk from unauthorised hardware access. In this Ashampoo WebCam Guard review, we will cover how you can protect yourself from being a blackmail or malware victim. Privacy intrusion gets more sophisticated as hackers can use your own hardware against you.

You must have heard before how Mark Zuckerberg uses a tape to cover his webcam. Yes, hackers can actually turn on your webcam and switch off the indicator light. They can then take compromising footages or audio about you or just simply steal personal data and financial information. Since most webcams have built-in microphones, putting a tape is no longer a robust solution to protect your privacy. Even Apple came out with an advice discouraging physical camera covers. Apple explained that camera covers can damage your screen or affect the functionality of the ambient light sensor that controls automatic brightness and true tone.

In response to this developing security threat, Ashampoo developed a powerful application called the WebCam Guard. Ashampoo WebCam Guard is a software that protects your camera and microphone from unauthorized hardware access. Webcam Guard gives you instant visual feedback on the status of your camera and microphone and it also protects your system against malware. Some malwares can take photos using your webcam and upload to a remote server.

In this review, we’ll discuss what makes it so powerful. Also, we’ll cover what you can expect from this software once you download it.

How to protect your privacy using Ashampoo WebCam Guard

Download Ashampoo WebCam Guard from this website. To install the application, you will need administrative rights and a valid license key. The program will check your license on a regular basis.

Once the application is installed, it will notify you that the webcam is active. With one-click activation, you can enable and disable the webcam or microphone whenever you want.

It will run in the background and won’t use up memory or processing power. If you don’t want the webcam to be active, simply click the red button to turn it off.

Ashampoo WebCam Guard GUI

Key features of Ashampoo WebCam Guard

Ashampoo WebCam Guard is easy to install and can provide real-time visual feedback regarding the camera and microphone status. It can also prevent unauthorized access to your hardware. Hackers can use malware to remotely activate your webcam and compromise your privacy.

The software allows you to configure the alerts to be displayed when the camera or microphone is inactive or active. If you’re worried that someone might be sneaking around on your computer while you’re away, Ashampoo WebCam Guard can provide you with the peace of mind that you need.

It uses an algorithm that protects webcams and microphones one level below the level of access protection that Windows has set.

This powerful application helps you avoid the pitfalls of teleworking by reminding you that your Zoom, Teams or Slack session has finished and then turns off the camera after the call.

The main advantage of Ashampoo WebCam Guard is that it is easy to install and is highly customizable. You can easily configure it to show notifications when you turn on the webcam or microphone. It can also auto-detect connected hardware like the webcam and microphone. The user interface is clean and intuitive.

It is available for Windows 10 and 11 and any other operating system, but be sure to check the latest updates before installing.

Free download of Ashampoo Webcam Guard

If you’re not sure that Ashampoo Webcam Guard is for you, Ashampoo has a free download option so you can try it out first. If you decide to go ahead with the paid version, you will only be paying once for a lifetime licence inclusive of technical support and 30 day money back guarantee.

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