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AutoDesk VRed 3D visualisation software Review – all you need to know about it !

What is AutoDesk Vred ?

AutoDesk Vred is a 3D visualisation software that is created to help automotive engineers and designers to create product presentations by using the 3D technologie . It can also be used for design reviews , virtual prototypes and tracing in real time .

Vred Compatibility

1) Windows  : – Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1 or higher
                        – Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
                        – Windows 10 (64-bit)
2) Mac OS   : – Mac Os X 10.11.4 or higher

3) Linux       : – Linux with GNU C Library stable release version 2.5 with installed X-Server

Note : 1GB Ram and 8GB of free space are required

 Vred 3D visualisation Pros

Autodesk Vred

+ Camera Flexibility : You can move the camera in literally all the ways so you can see your product from different angles 
+ HTML and Javascript support : Using HTML and Js can help programmers use the software in different ways .
+ Create Geometry : The softwares provides you with a lot of Geometry forms that are frequently used by automotive designers .
+ Full Control : You can pretty much customize everything you want and make them look the way you imagined (center to origin , adjust size , optimize geometry …)
+ Different Interfaces : As a beginner  a simple user interface will fit you just fine . After a while of using the software and getting familiar to it you will be excited to switch up to the standard user interface .
+ Lighting : You can have customized modes of lighting in order to find the one that makes your piece of art look better .
+ Displacement mapping : allowing you to manipulate the displacement like a nor map .
+ Different glass materials : To make the final product even more realistic . Autodesk has been thanked for giving the ability to choose between different glass materials .
+ Animation : The ability of managing and creating  animation sequences using play,reset,new clip , copy and paste , duplicate and duplicate flipped buttons
+ Quality Settings presets : In order to display a menu that allows you to save , load and delete all settings entered in the same module .

Vred 3D visualisation Cons

+ Languages : The AutoDesk Vred Program comes only in the english language . So that can seem like a problem for users that do not have a good level of english language .

What Do You Like The Best in AutoDesk Vred ?

What really impressed me the most is that i can easily switch between RayTrace and Standard mode in order to save the CPU resources . In addition , lighting can also be set precisely and the materials are really easy to apply .


Should you buy AutoDesk Vred ?

AutoDesk Vred is definitely worth taking the shot . In other words , once you use it and begin to become familiar to it you will realize that it can take your automotive design creation level to another level . This is what every automotive designer can possibly wish for .
AutoDesk Vred prices are very raisonnable compared to other 3d visualization softwares .

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