BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection Review – All you want to know about the antivirus

What is BullGuard Premium Protection ?

BullGuard Premium Protection is a protection software and a password manager . In addition it allows you to protect your device and important files such as work files or personal photos . For instance it manages your passwords to keep them in safe hands in case you are facing a cyber attack from hackers or spammers .

Similarly , it looks like Intego Mac Security in performance and quality .

BullGuard Premium Protection

BullGuard Protection Compatibility

1) Windows : 1- Windows 7 SP1 or Higher
                        2- Windows 8
                        3- Windows 8.1
                        4- Windows 10

Note : Minimum of 1 GB Ram and 850 of free space on hard disk is required

2) MacOS : – MacOS 10
                    – MaxOS 11 or Higher

Note : Minimum of 1 GB Ram and 850 of free space on hard disk is required

3) Android : – Android 4.0 or Higher

BullGuard Premium Languages

BullGuard Premium is available on multiple languages such as :

– English
– Danish
– Dutch
– French
– Italian
– Norwegian
– Portuguese
– German
– Spanish
– Chinese
– Arabic

BullGuard Premium Features

+ Familiar Networks Scanning : Firstly , protects you from your device’s weakest points
+ FireWall : Secondly , blocks unauthorized attempts to connect to your device
+ Enhanced behavioral Detection : Lastly , abling your device to do daily updates and block latest threats

BullGuard Premium Pros and Cons

BullGuard Premium Pros

+ Identity protection
+ Affordable price-tags
+ Network security scanner
+ Good scores from antivirus labs

BullGuard Premium Cons

+ The number of Extras could be better
+ Simple Interface
+ Does not provide VPN service

BullGuard Premium Protection Availability

BullGuard  Group made it simple for everyone to purchase their software , it is available in their online store

BullGuard Premium Protection Dashboard

The BullGuard Prices

BullGuard Protection prices are very low . Therefore it encourage people to buy their antivirus by comparing them to other protection softwares .

Is BullGuard Premium worth buying ?

In conclusion, BullGuard Protection is a nice software that can  be very useful whether you are a developer that uses his Computer for hours daily or you are just someone who use his computer occasionally to surf on internet . After that , the main goal is to protect yourself in a cyber world where cyber attacks attempt to happen a lot lately so BullGuard Protection is a must have .

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