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How to  Make Money Online Using Drawing Skills



Make Money Online Using Drawing Skills can be reached .

Well , First of all Since you are here it means that you are a doer not a talker . You have the will to change your financial situation and make it better . You probably want passive incomes using your Digital Drawing Skills .

So Guess what in this case study that is approximately a tutorial i will show you how you also can make a good amount of money using your laptop .

Make Money Online Drawing

Starting Requirements

To start your online business you will need a small pack of requirements that will help you to reach out to your goals such as :

+ Budget : You will need to invest a budget in this . Starting from the ground will make you suffer and let you arrive Late (Time is more valuable than money).
+ Time : If you do not invest your Time to set up everything no one will do it for you . You’ll stay just a person who is living on average dreams and hopes .
+ The Will to learn : yes , some of you can already be painters in real life but in digital art you’ll need to start again . You can see it as a new adventure to test your skills .

In The World of digital Arts there are a lot of opportunities to generate money using your skills .

Ways You Can Make Money Online Using Drawing Skills

+ Digital Blog : You can create a blog where you can drop your drawings and people will start to see your skills .
+ Tutorial Blog : You can learn people who have no drawing skills to start drawing .
+ POD : Print on Demand is one of the best ways you can generate money with making some nice sweatshirts or hats very nice decorated
+ Digital Paints Store : You can set up your store and start putting your drawings on sale on it , people will start  buying and you will start making money .
+ Instagram Drawing : Yes , you can make a small page on instagram where you’ll start dropping your drawings to drive traffic back to your digital blog or digital Store .

Please know that you don’t need to be an expert or have technical skills to set up your own website . Now anyone can do it in minutes .

Now That you know how you can make money using Digital Drawings . I bet you want to know how to set your online Website up .

How To Step Up Your Online Website to start Making Money Online Using Drawing Skills?

Basic Website Setup

1- Hosting

Web hosting

Your first step to generating passive income will be to purchase a website hosting. I personally advise you InterServer web hosting to keep your website in good hands .

I Would Recommend Vps Hosting For Experts , You can read more about it in this post

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2- Domain Name

Domain name

You are an artist so I don’t think finding an appropriate domain name will be a hard thing for you . Use NameCheap on this one .

Book your Website’s Domain Name Now !

3- Website Creator

Now that you have your hosting and domain name set up you’ll need a website creator to make it easy for you :
+ If you want your website to be a blog use wordpress .
+ If you want your website to be a store you can use woo-comerce or shopify , i highly recommend you to use Shopify .

4- A good drawing software

Clip Studio Paint

In order to make the best piece of art and bring out the artist inside of you , you will need good drawing software and in this part I will highly advise you to use Clip Studio Paint as their software is just amazing .

Use Clip Studio Paint Pro

Reaching to this point I think that you already have your websites all set up and trust me , since you have reached this point you are better than the majority of people who do not take action .

So the 4 criterias that i told you are enough for you to start generating money , the ones i will tell you know are just the cream over the pie .

Advanced Website Setup

5-Email Marketing Service

After Building your websites and bringing traffic you don’t want to spend money advertising your products again to them as they are already their emails , so what you will start doing is to promote your Drawings to them via Email so you will need a Email Marketing Service , in this part i advise you to use Aweber so your email won’t end in the Spam Categorie 

You can Know More About email marketing From This Article 

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6- Increase Website Protection


As you are not an expert in what it comes to Websites security then you can delegate it to experts who will take care of your website , so you can focus on your drawings .

Read More About SiteLock From Here 

Use SiteLock Website Protection

7- Divertirse your incomes

Someone once said don’t put all your eggs in one basket , so test your skills with merch and see what it brings , i recommend you to use Fiverr  to find a good Merch designner.

Use Fiverr Now !


The resources in this article are more than enough for you to start making online passive income , and trust me since you’re here then i know you can make it and bring out the best in you , so don’t stay watching take the adventure and start discovering so you can start gathering the fruit of your efforts .

Note : i want you to save this post and come back after a month and tell me how much you made thanks to this article .

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