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Clip Studio Paint is a 21 th century drawing software that enables you to turn your ideas into high quality paintings . In other words , clip studio paint is by far the best drawing and painting software program as it takes care of the very small details giving you the ability to show your drawing competences or developing your  skills and take it to the other level .

Clip Studio Paint
Most anime and manga lovers always want to know how to draw anime , and always want to know how anime drawings are really done .
Generally , the answer to the anime drawing and manga drawing is Clip Studio Paint .

Clip Studio Compatibility

As long as you have one of these devices clip studio will run perfectly for you

1) Computers :

– Windows :           

                    1-Windows 7

                    2-Windows 8

                    3-Windows 8.1

                    4-Windows 10


– MacOS  :             

                     1-MacOs 10.13

                     2-MacOs 10.14

                     3-MacOs 10.15


Note : Having a 2GB Memory and 3gb of free storage is required

2) iPad :

– Os      :       

                    + iPadOS 13

                    + iPadOS 14


Note : Having 6gb of free storage is required

3) iPhone :

-Os       :         

                    + iOS 13.1
                    + iOS14

Note : Having 6gb of free storage is required

4) Galaxy (Tablets and Smartphones):

– Android :     

                    1-Android 9
                    2-Android 10

Note : Having a 3GB Memory and 6gb of free storage is required

The software’s benefits :

+ Satisfaction : Majority of the Clip studio users are finally satisfied to have chosen Clip studio Paint , after trying a lot of drawing softwares they have finally found what they were truly looking for .

+ Comfort      : The Clip studio developers have managed to create one of the best working spaces possible by giving you the ability to have access to all the resources in one touch only .

+ Enjoyment  : Let’s face it when you are thinking of buying a drawing software it is because you are planning on having good times between you and your imagination and that is one of the powers of Clip Studio .

+ Smoothness   : When you are enjoying your skills the last thing you want to happen is to be annoyed by system bugs , and that is what clip studio’s managed to develop to it best by providing us a non-bug system .

+ Assistance   : Their support is always available , once you are facing a problem you should just send them a message and they will email you in no time .

Clip Studio Brushes :

As a painter your brush is the magic tool that should perfectly fit  your requirements . In this exact point Clip Studio have managed to take it to another level . In other words , i could take all day talking about how the Clip studio brushes make the paintings look magic but you won’t truly feel it until you actually use it .
Clip studio have put in your hand hundreds of different brushes to help you find the one that fits you the most to accomplish your painting in the best way you have imagined .


Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio’s Users Testimonials

Should you buy Clip Studio ?

In Conclusion ,  Clip Studio Paint is definitely worth taking the shot , once you use it and begin to become familiar to it you will start realising that you were definitely wasting your time with other drawing softwares as Clip Studio gives you all the features a manga , anime artist can possibly wish for .
Regardless , Clip Studio Paint prices are very raisonnable compared to other drawing softwares .

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