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Corel Painter 2021 Review – All you need to know

Corel Painter 2021 is a pure art application created to make it easy for artists in drawing , painting and printmaking to get their ideas out of their heads to digital paintings .

New Features

+ UI Customisation : Firstly , Giving You The ability to create custom brushes , palettes and workspace .
+ Brush Controls     :  Secondly , Giving you the full control in modifying the brush size , shape and angle .
+ Color Mixing        : Thirdly , helps you to find the perfect color palette .
+ Additional Media : Fourthly , Giving The ability for you to use flow maps , textures and gradients .
+ Canvas control     : Lastly , it gives you the ability to work in whatever makes you feel comfortable by panning , zooming and rotating .

Corel Painter 3d

Software’s Availability

Since 2019 Corel corporation made it easy for everyone to purchase their software as you can get it in two minutes via their online store

Corel corporation painter 2021 Compatibility

1) Windows : – Windows 7  (64 Bit)
                        – Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Note : 8gb Ram or higher recommended , 2gb free space on hard disk is required .

2) Mac   :       -macOS 10.14
                       -macOS X 10.13

Note : 8gb Ram or higher recommended , 850mb free space on hard disk is required .

Corel corporation painter 2021 Pros and Cons

Corel corporation painter 2021 Pros

+ Overall Easy control .
+ Colour selection improvements .
+ Similarly to Clip studio Paint Illimited Brushes
+ Identically New Color Mixing
+  Lastly Control the Canvas

Corel corporation painter 2021 cons

+ Performance of the software is dependant on your hardware


Corel Painter Lion photo

Should you buy Corel Painter ?

In conclusion ,Corel Painter is definitely worth taking the shot . Therefore once you use it and begin to become familiar to it you will start realising that you were definitely wasting your time with other drawing softwares as Corel Painter gives you all the features a manga or anime artist can possibly wish for .
Undeniably , Corel Painter prices are very raisonnable compared to other drawing softwares .

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