ebay stealth account guide

Ebay stealth account guide – All you need to know to start creating them


In this Ebay stealth account guide we’ll give the one and only method that will 99.99% work for you and teach you how to create multiple and unlimited ebay accounts with high authority , selling limits and also highly trusted from the ebay website .

So i guess your business on ebay was going very well , suddenly and from no where your personal account has been suspended for no clear reason and you already reached out to ebay support and they told you that it is better for you to change the platform .

Basically , we’ll show you how you can get your business up and running once again and start generating extra income from your house .

Ebay stealth account creation steps :

  • Fake infos .
  •  Fake phone number.
  • Change ip address.
  • Bypass payment verification .
  • First listing .
  • Warm the account well before starting business .
  • Start your online business with full freedom .

This is the moral and the base of the method to create your strong ebay stealth account , now we will show you how to exactly do it step by step so you do not find difficulties .

Steps of Ebay stealth account creation

These are the steps you should follow well detailed :

1- Fake infos

Fakeit Website

There are a lot of website to generate fake infos , in our tutorial we will use fakeIt to make it easy for everyone and especially beginners .


2- Choose the country of account

Fakeit countries

You need to choose the countries that you wish to create , it is not necessary for you to choose the country you are in because we will use different ip to create the account cause your current ip is already blacklisted .

3- Save the fake infos

Fakeit infos

Now that you have chosen a country you’ll need to open a new text file where you will save your account infos , the inofs you will need are (full name , address , birth date , zip code , iban ) .
, the email and password we’ll be created by yourself

4- New user browser

ebay stealth account guide browser

Use google chrome and create a new google chrome user with the name of the person you have saved in the txt file you created to save infos .

5- Change your ip address

ebay stealth account guide IpVanish Country

there are a lot of ip providers and there are also free ones , i do not recommend you to use free opens as most of them are already used by other people and are blacklisted soo if you used them you will waste all your time and money , the one i recommend you to use to change your ip is ipvanish .

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6- check your ip is clean

ebay stealth account guide check ip

After that you have purchased and registered to ipvanish go to whoer.net to check if the ip address you use is clean and not blacklisted like the one in image , if not then change the ip and recheck the new ip until you find a  clean one .

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7- Clear data

Clear data

Now that you have all the infos and the fresh ip you need to clear browser data to make sure ebay does not track you recent actions .

8- go to ebay

go to ebay website and split the vision like in the picture to have an eye on ebay and  an eye on your fake infos and also to make it very easy for you to copy

9- Create business account

when you visit the ebay website you need to choose the business account creation section and not the normal account creation , so you can have a trusted account with high limits .

ebay stealth account guide creation

10 – Start copy and paste

copy the infos we have from our text file to the ebay registration form .

11- Fake phone number

Smspva number

On this part we use fake phone numbers websites , we use smspva.com but you can use a normal phone number from a friend or family that has never entered it into ebay system .

12 – Username form

Username form

enter the username you have already created yourself .

13- Coordinates

Make sure to enter the infos as you copied them from fakeit website , in the 2 dropdown menus of society and the other one below it just choose the ones you want , they are not very important  .

Coordinates form

Make sure to only enter the required fields , the ones not required just let them empty and click next .

14 – Phone verification

when you arrive the phone verification number it doesn’t matter if you use a virtual or normal number the only thing that matters is that you have access to the code sent by ebay

15 – Payment form

Payment ebay dashboard

When you arrive at this part you choose the second choice and enter the uiban that you copied from Fakeit website and click enter .

it will take you to a confirmation from just click on next and congratulations you have now creath your high limit ebay stealth account .

What comes after the creation of the stealth account ?

Now that you have your new stealth ebay account created the only thing you need to do right after it is to list an item to warm your account after that you will need to let the account and not connect to it for at least 48 hours .

When and how to connect to the ebay steal account ?

Best vpn for ebay

After 2 or 3 days of creation the account you will need to reconnect to it and start your business normally , but to connect to it  you will need to have a high quality vpn we highly recommend you to use Nordvpn as it is the most recommended one of the vpns to connect to your pre-maid ebay stealth account .

Now everything you need to know is in this ebay stealth account guide , all you need to do is take action to start generating incomes .

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Creating an ebay stealth account may look Hard in first time but after you do it once or twice you will become familiar to it and it will become very easy for you to create an ebay account as long as you follow exactly the steps mentions in this ebay stealth account guide with the smallest details , once you start creating ebay account with high listing limits you can easily scale your business and growth and start generating 5 to 6 figures monthly .


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