Bypass Ebay Verification

Ebay Stealth Accounts methode , how to make as much as you want

Creating ebay stealth accounts is something a large category of people is willing to learn but do not know if these are real or not , and the answer is YES .

So your ebay account got suspended for whatever reason and now whenever you create an ebay account it’s also suspended .

And let me guess you have contacted the support and they always tell you that you are a high risk for their platform . They are not willing to let you open another ebay account , so you can get your ebay business running again .

Well let me tell you that after reading this article you will have all it needs to return to ebay and start making money again .

Ebay stealth accounts are the key for you to get back to the platform .

What are Ebay Stealth accounts ?

Ebay Stealth Accounts

Ebay Stealth accounts are normal ebay accounts with fake information so they can not know that it is you who is trying to trick their system .

Ebay Stealth Accounts Creation steps

1-Fake Infos

You need to get some fake infos ready . You can make them up or copie them from some fake identity website generator .

2-Fake number of phone

Try to buy a new phone number or just use a number of your grandfather or grandmother .The important thing to know there is that the same number has never been entered into ebay’s system .


I would highly recommend that you use firefox portable or brave portable . These two are very hard to track data from and makes it difficult for ebay to track your mac address .

4-New Fresh Ip for Ebay Stealth Accounts creation 

This is where the trick happens and trust me this is the part you want to focus on . Once your account is suspended your ip is directly in a black list . You will need to change your ip and trust me IP vanish is the best in what it comes to this . I have tried free VPN and Paid VPN . I have tried also Ip providers but nothing comes close to the quality of IP’s that IP vanishprovides you .

If you’re on your mac and can not use IPvanish you can use windows on your mac and run windows programs on mac .


Now you have everything between your hands . This method will forever be live all you need to do is to follow exactly what is mentioned on this post . Let me tell you that the IP part is the most important .. Ip vanishare the best fresh ips providers and the cheapest out there for this quality . Now all you need to do to get back to ebay is take action .

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