Expressvpn vs Ipvanish 2021

Expressvpn vs Ipvanish 2021 – All you need to know before using them

Expressvpn vs Ipvanish , both are large and very reputtated vpn services known for providing the best virtual private networks .When using them you can easily change your ip address and navigate in a secure way on the internet .

However in this article we will try to dive deep in both vpn services and so we can tell more details about them as people still confuse them with VPS .

IpVanish vs ExpressVpn Speed

Expressvpn vs Ipvanish speed

When talking about speed many creterias can enter in this comparison such as the country using or the server location and more details . However , in terms of speed as long as the vpn gives you a speed more than 32 Mbps then it’s good . Anything less than that is not accepted .

Both Ipvanish and ExpressVpn give you more than 32 Mbps with a small advantage of Express Vpn .

 Easy of use of Vpn’s

Expressvpn vs Ipvanish easy of use

When you are not familiar with vpn and it is the first time you will use them then it could be confusing to you the first time and after a while of using it you will get familiar with the dashboard .

Expressvpn’s dashboard is a little complex and could be confusing for beginners . The IpVanish dashboard is much more easier and easy to use by both experts and beginners .

IpVanish vs Express vpn Support

Expressvpn vs Ipvanish support


When using the vpn support can be seen as not very interesting and both Vpns are made by professionals so you probably will never face a technical issue which could only be solved by the support .

So you could be using the VPN for years without even having to contact the support to have assistance on some technical issue .

Both Vpns have a live chat which you could always reach . In addition They also have tutorials and videos and they can also contact you via mail if you wish so .

IpVanish vs Expressvpn Pricing

Both vpns pricing

In Terms of pricing both vpn are much cheaper than other vpn with less features and less services , here are the 2 vpns pricings  :

  ExpressVpn  IpVanish
 Price :  6.67 / Month 2.62 / Month
Warranty and Refund :  30 Days  30 Days
Number of Users  5 Unlimited

Users Testimonials

Final thoughts

In conclusion , using these two vpns will give you total access to the internet and you can easily browse the internet however you want without letting your traces behind you . In other words both are optimized to secure every move you make .
After that ,you  can use whichever vpn suits you the best . However if you are a beginner and new in vpn world an on a budget or just using it for netflix stream or for firestick and gaming i would highly recommend you to use Ipvanish as you'll easily have better performances and quality of services .

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