Protect your Data With Machine Learning

Heimdal Premium Security Home, All you need to know

Heimdal Premium Security Home


What is Heimdal Premium Security Home?

Heimdal Premium Security Home is one of the most powerful tools you can have to protect your digital life. Heimdal Premium Security Home provides both malware and virus protection. It is powerful enough to foil ransomware attack by closing out security loopholes in your system.

Protect Your Data using Machine Learning

Who is Heimdal Security?

Heimdal Security is a company of cyber security experts based in Copenhagen that was founded in 2011 when they became the first non-US team to win the CTF championship using innovation on DNS security. Their main focus is to protect important professional and personal data of their users. Other antivirus software like Intego mac security antivirus can only stop viruses. In digital life, there are also malwares and ransomwares that can undermine your security.

What makes Heimdal Premium Security Home different from other antivirus softwares?

Heimdal is one of the fewest cyber security companies that uses machine learning in their antivirus. While other antivirus softwares detect and respond to threats, Heimdal Premium Security Home is a step ahead of the pack by also actively hunting for future threats with a staggering 96% accuracy. Its malware detection is traffic based so that the threat is blocked even before it reaches your system. Heimdal Premium Security Home offers you peace of mind by letting you browse safely especially when you’re doing online shopping and using online banking and payments.

Heimdal Premium Security Home  Pros And Cons

Heimdal Thor Vigilance ProsHeimdal Thor Vigilance Cons
+ Uses Machine Learning+ Customer support can be better
+ Scanning possible threats
+ Doesn't affect your computer's speed
+ Has a very good reputation
+ Made By CyberSecurity Experts
+ Detects and Fights all kinds of viruses


Heimdal Thor Vigilance Home

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Heimdal Premium Security Home is easy to use and if it does not convince you, you can get your money back within 30 days, no questions asked. Although they only started the company in 2011,  Heimdal Security are experts when it comes to data protection and they know what they’re doing. Heimdal is the winner of Antimalware Solution of the Year.  In addition, a large percentage of the Heimdal Premium Security Home users who tried their softwares have been very happy with the peace of mind that the software gives. Heimdal Premium Security Home is a complete suite of protection that covers viruses and malwares as well as future threats.

Question to Heimdal Premium Security Home users

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