Learn Digital Drawing

How to make digital drawing and become profesional

What are digital drawings ?


So you want to learn how to make digital drawing . Digital drawings are just similar to normal drawings in the eye of a normal person . However people who value digital drawings know they can be better than normal drawings in our time , and will talk about this later in this post .

Aldo digital drawings may look easy , but the truth is they are not and you need to have patience and skills or just the will to learn so you can do some great paintings .

What do you need to learn how to make digital drawing ?

Learn How to Make Digital Drawings

1- The will to learn

As mentioned this is a new challenge for you to prove your skills in a digital way .in other words you will learn new things but if you already have an experience with normal drawings you will surely have a big push with it .

2- Patience

Of course your first digital paintings won’t be that great but trust me . After that you will start to notice that your digital drawing skills are getting better and better by time .

3-A Good Drawing Software 

There are lot of drawing softwares that you can use but i will personally advise you to use Clip Studio Paint as it is the one who in my opinion will give you the ability to explore the real digital drawing field . Above all they’re software is really a piece of art with all the brushes and all the features (You can read more about it from here)

Can you make money with digital drawings using Clip Studio Paint ?

The answer is yes , the potential is there and is big .

You can make a lot of money using your digital drawing skills by putting your digital drawings on a blog or an online store and people will start noticing your art and would pay for it .


Investing your time and budget in digital drawing is definitely worth it . In other words this is an expensive market where you can make money with it and start generating very respectful incomes . It also is considered as a getaway and peaceful place for people to get rid of stress and get a clear mind and a fresh breath .


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