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How to secure wordpress website – all you need to know


As a wordpress website owner i understand how much it is important for you to learn how to secure wordpress websites .
In this article we’ll try as much as possible to simplify it , for it to be understood by both experts and beginners .

When it comes to your online business you definitely don’t want to wake up one day and find that your website has been hacked . Which could have bad results over both short and long term when it comes to google ranking as google we’ll probably ignore your website if it has security issues .

How to secure a wordpress website ?

For you to reach the total website security you will need help from experts . So when it comes to wordpress website security whether you are using it as a blog or as an online store then the one that can help you when it comes to your website security are Sucuri and Sitelock .

What are Sucuri and Sitelock and How to secure wordpress website using them ?

Sucuri sitelock

They are cybersecurity professionals that provide security for your website . When using professionals to secure websites it gives you comfort as you are not a cybersecurity expert . In other words , you can delegate it to experts in order for you to better focus on your website to make it better looking and more professional .

What Sucuri and Sitelock provides ?

Both website protectors provide  total website security , every day scan about possible malwares , block hacking attempts , and also provide daily reports about your website’s security .

Do I advise you to use Sitelock and Sucuri to protect your website ?

Yes , when you are planning to have a long term online business and you do not want to risk your website’s private data and google rankings and much more then i advise you to use a website’s security .

Just choose one of sitelock or sucuri and go with it .

Which one from Sucuri and Sitelock is better ?

Both provide pretty much the same services with same performances . Securi has been in the market for a little time before Sitelock came to the market . However SiteLock also has a nice reputation so just choose one of them and start using it to secure your wordpress website .

Sucuri vs Sitelock Pricing

   Basic  Pro  Business
Sucuri 199 $ / year  299 $ / year  499 $ / year
SiteLock 149 $ / year 299 $ / year 499 $ / year

Sucuri and SiteLock availability

Both companies have thinked about all the wordpress websites owners and they made it very simple for everyone to purchase their services as you can easily order one of their plans via their online store .

Go to SiteLock Official Store      Go to Sucuri Official Store

Final thoughts

In conclusion , a website security is a must have to be sure that your website is always secured and running without anyone taking advantage of your wordpress website weakness points to have access to it .
I personally recommend you to start using it so you can stay comfortable and give all your focus to your website’s content and improve it to have better results .

Visit SiteLock Website    Visit Sucuri Website

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