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How to use IPVanish on Phone and Laptop


IPVanish is one of the best vpns available on the international market in terms of security , speed and performance . The VPN has managed to prove that the features it has and the support team is very professional .

After that in the comparison of VPNs it has proven that IPVanish is right high in the mountain with the best VPns that you can purchase and use to have a secured navigation and high performance gaming and streaming .

It’s dashboard is not very complicated compared to other VPN’s . However it may look confusing for a beginner and in this Guide . We’ll let you know in detail how to use it and get familiar with it .

Steps to know how to use IPVanish

How to use IPVanish on computer

Step 1

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Choose the plan you want to use and purchase your license so you can access the software .

Choose Your IPVanish Plan

Step 2

Ipvanish Dashboard

Now that you have purchased the software and choose your billing plan and you have downloaded the vpn . After logging you find yourself in this dashboard . The dashboard can be seen as simple for experts in vpn but can also be confusing for beginners .

In the top left you will see your current ip address which is your local ip . Just next to it on the right side you’ll see a button that is in off mode .

Down the dashboard you can see countries and cities and servers . This takes us to the third step .

Step 3

IpVanish Country

Now that you see the countries , cities and servers .you can choose the country you are willing to change your ip address to .

After choosing the country you can choose the city and the server . If you do not choose them the vpn . Based on the artificial intelligence it will choose the fastest server in the fastest city in the country that you have already chosen to set up your ip to it .

Step 4

Ipvanish connecting


Now that you have chosen the country you want your ip to be changed to you will need to connect to it to change your ip address so what you’ll do is to click on the connecting button.

Step 5

After clicking on the connect button you’ll just have to be patient for 5 seconds so it can change your ip address .

IpVanish Connected

Now that you notice that the off button has turned into on and the connect button is now red and has changed to disconnect this means that you’re all set up and ready to browse the internet with a whole new and fresh ip address .

How to use IPVanish on phone

The process and the idea are all the same . Since you know how to connect to IPVanish using your computer then all you need to do is repeat the same steps in the phone

Step 1

Once you have installed you’re IPVanish application and logged in with your registered account you will find yourself in a dashboard similar to this one :

Phone vpn dashboard

all you need to do now is choose the country, city and server you want to connect to.

Step 2

Phone Vpn Connected

Just after you click the button . You’ll change directly your ip address and you’ll find that the connect button is now red and has changed to disconnect . This means that you’re now surfing securely and with a new anonymous ip address .

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Final thoughts

One of the cheapest vpns and with best performance  is IPVanish.  In addition it is easy to adapt yourself to and get familiar using it .
Now you have all you need to start using the vpn like a professional  . We have detailed all about it in this article  that may be very useful for you as a beginner in the world of vpn's .

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