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Intego Mac Security Review , all what mac users need to know

What is Intego Mac Security ?

Intego Mac Security is a powerful antivirus used on the mac’s to increase the level of security in your machine and protect it from all the threats and cyber attacks .

Now that you know what it is let me tell you why you should use it . As a mac user you can be seen in a high and respected category of citizens as not everyone can afford buying a mac .

That is why a large community of cyberattackers attempt to target the Mac users in special .

Who wants to take advantage of your mac week security ?

A mac with low security level can be seen as an easy target for hackers to take advantage of it and have access to your personal and professional files .

Should you use Intego Antivirus ?

intego mac security x9

It depends , if you only use your mac to check news and has no personal infos on it then there is no need to use the Intego antivirus .

For instance in case you are logging in with your social accounts and you have private files wishing to secure them and not wanting them to end in wrong hands then in that case i advise you to invest a small budget on your mac’s security .

Intego Antivirus Compatibility

+ Mac Os X 10.9
+ Mac Os 11.0

Intego Antivirus System Requirements

+ 1.5 Go of free Space
+ Internet for New Updates

Intego Antivirus Pros and Cons

+ Intego has been making security for Apple products since 1997.+ Can't be used on windows machines
+ Intego Has a lot of Prizes in the Mac security
+ Intego is the leader in the Mac Security
+ Intego Provides Security also on Iphone and Ipad


Intego Mac Security Dashboard
Should you use Intego Mac Security ?

Definitely worth it . In other words i don’t think your personal and professional data’s security is something you should risk . Therfore secure it once and stay comfortable as your mac’s security will be in safe hands . In conclusion be sure that Intego’s prices are very cheap compared to other macs antiviruses .

Note : We have made a collaboration with Intego to give our blog visitors a free trial to Intego’s antivirus , enjoy it .

Use Intego’s Free Trial Now !


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