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How to Have A Successful Online Business Using Influence Marketing – An Izea Review

Over the past ten years, online marketing has significantly made it easier for  businesses to connect directly with their target market. This resulted in increased profits even for small or individual entrepreneurs. Internet marketing was a game changer for lots of individuals and companies.

Like any other market, the first movers who tried invested in it were the ones that greatly benefitted from it.

Social media marketing has helped many online business builders create strong and solid audiences.

Once you actually build your audience, the cost to advertise your products and services significantly decreases as you now have a direct link. You will only need to spend more for reaching out to a wider variety of people.

Here’s a quick fact :

In 2013, the average cost per click in the US was $0.92. Today it is at $2.75 which Means That in 2013 you could have reached out to More than 3 times the traffic you can reach today with the same budget or less.

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So what is influence marketing and how can it help your online business?

  1. What is Izea Influence Marketing?
  2. What Benefits Can it Bring To Your Business?
  3. How to Put In Action The Best Influence Marketing Strategy To Scale Your Business?

Before we get through this, you probably ask yourself why should we take your advice and why shall we trust what you say?

Trust Izea

Well, I myself was a newbie in internet media marketing a long ago back in the 2010 / 2011 .

Back then there was no one who was ready to share the knowledge and strategies, and give advice about how to use digital marketing to grow your online business.

From then to now I have used almost every digital marketing strategy you can possibly think of starting from Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Quora, Twitter, Linkedin, pop ups, displayed ads, solo ads and our topic of the day – Influencers ads .

I have also been hired for years as an employee and as a freelancer for digital marketing purposes in big brands and companies that have invested tons of money on their digital marketing side.

The results I am about to share with you today are based on my 12 years of Digital Marketing Experience With the resources of Big Companies and the mentality of huge brands that the priority of them is their online image or as what we call in the digital marketing field: Brand Awareness .

What is Izea?

Izea is a company founded in 2006 in Orlando, United States with the objective of creating a platform for communication between advertisers and influencers.

Izea bridges advertisers and content creators in order to put into action a strategy of increasing both the revenue of an influencer and the sales of an advertiser, the whole deal would be a win-win for both parties. 

What Benefits Can it Bring To Your Business?

  • Sales: This helps you to ride on the traffic that your Influencer already have and convert them into your customers. This additional traffic monetisation will help you recover your initial investment.
  • Brand Awareness : As you hire more influencers you’ll notice that your brand is expanding more and more and the reputation of it will surely turn from good to even better. A certain level of trust is built in your brand when Influencers suggest or recommend your product or services to their followers. It’s like the Influencer has already tested out your brand for them. 
  • Fanbase : The heavy lifting is done by the influencer which is the process of building traffic. Now all you have to do is to take advantage of that easy traffic with your products.

How to To Scale Your Business ?


Once the system is in place, you can start scaling by hiring more influencers to increase your base and reach which will give you more revenue and brand awareness .

Attention : this does not mean that it can be an autopilot business where you completely take your hands off the wheel, you need to follow through and maintain your brand.

Once you reach a good financial level it can be a wise step to hire somebody to do the support and tedious tasks so you can focus on your growth strategy.

Final Thoughts

I have personally used IZEA to launch multiple campaigns to increase sales and brand reputation when I used to work with big companies.

Izea uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in helping you match with an influencer who can take your business to the next level. You can start slowly and scale up as your audience base and revenue grow.

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