ActiveCampaign vs Klaviyo

Klaviyo vs ActiveCampaign 2021 . Choose the perfect one for you

Klaviyo vs ActiveCampaign 2021 Fight has only benefited us the users of both websites in very good ways , as both of the companies are always trying to be the winner of the war .

Now before we start , you probably wonder what Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign do well to make it easy both can be considered as Email marketing softwares and landing pages constructors .

What’s new in 2021 in Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign ?

Klaviyo vs ActiveCampaign 2021

Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign really growed during this 2021 year and update a lot of previous user’s concerns , during 2021 both have made their technical support better as it is easy to reach out to both website’s support team whenever you face an issue .
Klaviyo has made their shopify integration easier than it was before so you can easily set it up to your shopify store (Read more about it from here).
ActiveCampaign made their Landing pages even quicker to load , without losing the quality of page which makes your conversion’s rate higher .
Klaviyo added new options to their auto-responders .

Klaviyo vs ActiveCampaign 2021 Pricing

The pricings of these websites are suitable depending on the size of your email list .

1 – Klaviyo Pricing

+ 300  Subscribers : 20$   / Month
+ 1.5K Subscribers : 45$   / Month
+ 3K   Subscribers : 100$  / Month
+ 15K  Subscribers : 350$  / Month
+ 30K  Subscribers : 500$  / Month
+ 150K Subscribers : 1700$ / Month

2- ActiveCampaign Pricing

+ 2.5 K Contacts : 45 $ / month
+ 10  K Contacts : 125$ / month
+ 25  K Contacts : 205$ / month
+ 100 K Contacts : 405$ / month

Thinking about using both Klaviyo and ActiveCamapgin ?

Well , Nice Idea and trust me you are not alone thinking about it , even though they might look similar both are very different but in ways that can only benefit us .

What Are the Differences between klaviyo and ActiveCampaign ?

-Both have very nice landing pages , but active campaign’s landing pages are faster loading .
-Klaviyo’s automation system is easier to scale .
-Klaviyo’s dashboard is easier and familiar .
-ActiveCampaign is cheaper than Klaviyo .
-Both have free plans .
-Klaviyo is better if you are planning to set it up to your online store .


The decision between ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo although it might look easy but it is not , to make it easy for you , if you are search for an autoresponder for your online store using shopify or woocommerce then Klaviyo is the one for you .If you are looking for a landing page builder for emails catching and an auto-responder for your blog then ActiveCampaign is the one for you .

Note : we have reached out to both companies to benefit our blog visitors so you can sign up to their both free plans until you make your decision .


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