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Klaviyo vs GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign . all you need to know !

What are Klaviyo , GetResponse and ActiveCampaign ?

The short answer

Klaviyo vs GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign has always been an eternal race . Klaviyo , GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are auto-responders and landing pages builders that give you the ability to increase your conversion rate and scale your business .

Klaviyo vs GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign

The Long answer

Well , the long and detailed answer to this question is that they are much more than just auto-responders and landing page builders , each one of these websites or softwares is truly a piece of art .
These 3 websites really took the online email-marketing to a whole new level , they have been here for a long time and managed to reach the top level of professionalism in order to make their customers happier .
Klaviyo , GetResponse and ActiveCampaign can really help you make your online business bigger and better in term of quality and service as they can help you build funnels to increase your conversion rate whether you are doing it to increase sales , or catch emails or only to promote a service .
Using ActiveCampaign , Klaviyo and GetResponse can help you make your Newsletters larger in a small period of time using nice looking forms to catch your website visitor’s emails , they also give you access to manager your newsletter and add contacts to it manually , in case you have a good  database of Emails .
You can also use them to automate a website and make it look alive without having a support that is active 24H/24 , using their automations you can customize your answers based on pre-ready answers to your website’s users .

What is the difference between GetResponse , Klaviyo  and ActiveCampaign ?

Now that you have an idea about what are they you want to know which one of them to use . Similarly , they are doing the same things the email marketing websites can be different from each other , so here are my tips can give you :

+ If you are looking for an auto-responder to your online store (Shopify or Woo-Comerce) : Then you should use Klaviyo .
+ In case you are looking for a landing pages builder that gives you the right to customize the landing pages the way you want and are fast to load : you should go for ActiveCampaign .
+ If you are looking for the easiest way to build your Newsletter and have a smooth and fast reach to your email lists subscribers and have an easy  dashboard of automation : Then you should use GetResponse .

Note : This review is about the 2021 versions .

Klaviyo vs GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign Pricings .

1 – Klaviyo Pricings

+ 300  Subscribers : 20$   / Month
+ 1.5K Subscribers : 45$   / Month
+ 3K   Subscribers : 100$  / Month
+ 15K  Subscribers : 350$  / Month
+ 30K  Subscribers : 500$  / Month
+ 150K Subscribers : 1700$ / Month

2- ActiveCampaign Pricings

+ 2.5 K Contacts : 45 $ / month
+ 10  K Contacts : 125$ / month
+ 25  K Contacts : 205$ / month
+ 100 K Contacts : 405$ / month

3 – GetResponse Pricings

+ 1000 subscribers : 15$ / month
+ 2500 subscribers : 25$ / month
+ 5000 subscribers  : 45$ / month
+ 10000 subscribers : 65$ / month

ActiveCampaign vs Klaviyo vs GetResponse Availability

All the 3 Websites made it easy for everyone wishing to use their services easy to reach via their online stores

– To access to Activecampaign’s official store click HERE
– If you want to access to GetResponse’s official store click HERE
– To access to Klaviyo’s official store click HERE


You may still have not made you’re decision about which one of them to use . However in case you are only thinking of one of ActiveCampaign and Klavio you can check this post to make your decision . After that , if your confused between getresponse and ActiveCampaign then you can check this post about it .
You can still be thinking which one of them to use . In other words that is totally normal and guess what we have reached out to the websites to benefit our blog’s readers with a free trial to make their decision about which one to use , try the ones you want and when you make your decision i advise to go with one of them .

Use GetResponse 30 days for FREE     Use ActiveCampaign 30 Days for FREE

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