linux vs windows web hosting

Linux vs Windows web hosting – Find Out Which one is Perfect for you

Over the years and  the amount of sites increasing , we keep hearing about this linux vs windows web hosting subject . Which one is best, which one is more performing and which one is more secure .
In This article we’ll try to deep dave and dig further to find out which one is the best for you and which one you should use .

Make Sure you remember about the Linux vs Windows comparison as we’ll try to compare all their characteristics in this article so stay focused .

What is a Web Hosting ?

Web Hosting

A web hosting is mainly a worldwide server which you can use to host your application in it so that it can be accessible from all around the globe .
If you are a tech person or a programmer you’ll know that most of the projects you build are only accessible locally unless you send it via email or upload it into google drive .
However in this case you may have the same result and use the same imported database but the truth is there are now strings between your same applications ruined in different laptops .

And this is where the importance of a web hosting comes . When you host your application it has one and only database which anyone around the globe can use from the front end to do their permitted tasks over your website .

Web hosting can be divided by multiple plans :

– Shared Web Hosting
Dedicated Hosting Servers
– Virtual Private Servers

What is a Windows Web Hosting ?

Windows Web Hosting

8 of 10 times when you are about to purchase a Hosting plan to host your website whether it is a shared or private server and the hosting company does not mention if it’s a windows or linux hosting then it’s probably a linux hosting .
Using a Linux hosting plan can sometimes not be the best choice for you , and the windows hosting plan would probably fit your content and website more than the linux hosting .

Who Should Use Windows Web Hosting ?

Majority of People that you’d ask this question will probably answer you that Windows hosting should only be used by governments and high autority companies using ASP.NET & .NET Core to host their applications and keep their websites safe .
We’ll Yes , ASP & .NET can sometimes be safer than normal PHP and WordPress however this is not the only thing you should consider .

Using Windows Hosting When using ASP as a programming language is predimoredial . But you should also consider using a windows web hosting when also using PHP scripts or wordpress sites .

Pros and Cons of Windows WebHosting

Pros & Cons of Windows WebHosting

  • Reliability
  • Strong platform to build on
  • Support
  • Ease of deployment
  • Integration into Azure
  • Cost

What is Linux Web Hosting ?

Linux Web Hosting

Also Linux And windows hosting can sometimes be similar and have some identical features and uses . However there are some points that differences them from each other .
As i am writing this article linux system is considered as the most popular operating hosting system as it is an open source platform .
Using linux hosting allows you to customize user and capabilities options .

Who Should use Linux web Hosting ?

The easy and quick answer would be that linux hosting should be used by bloggers , local business owners and stores builders .
Using a Linux web hosting can give access to a lot of good features especially if you are planning on making a wordpress website.
WordPress and Linux hosting can be a very good matching duo that will finally give you a fast , good and secured website or application .

Pros and cons of Linux Web Hosting

Pros & Cons of Linux Web Hosting

  • Open Source
  • No Technical Knowledge required
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Software Compatibility

Linux vs windows web hosting  Comparison

Linux vs Windows web hosting

Linux vs windows web hosting Pricing

Both Linux and Windows Hosting plans can be different from a company to another and also based on the required features and service by the client . However in most of the cases you’ll find out that Linux web hosting is cheaper than the Windows Hosting .

Linux vs windows web hosting Security

Technicians and cyber security professionals have spoken about both linux and windows hosting , and researches have proved that windows web hostings are more secure and that explains why a lot of sensitive companies tempt to use windows web hosting to host their websites .

Linux vs windows web hosting Easy of use

Linux and windows web hostings are two different but familiar and easy to use operating systems .  The Linux system is an open source which gives you the ability to customize it as you wish and windows has approved over the years that it is the easiest operating system around the globe . So in this case it really depends on you and which one you prefer .

What Are the Companies I advise you to use ?

After years of trying different hosting providers and testing different kinds of hosting plans . I will be glad to share with you my vision and plan so you can learn from my mistakes .

  •  Linux Hosting : if you are thinking about hosting your application on linux server then in this case it is better for you to go with Turnkey internet as turnkey has proven over the years their reliability and cooperating with clients by giving full time support .

Visit TurnKey Internet Store

  • Windows Hosting : Over the past Years there is one company that catched my attention especially in what it comes to windows hosting . The company is named Contabo and it is a very ambitious company that was founded 2003 and had very big success over the years .

Visit Contabo Official Store

Final Thoughts

In the end you and only you should decide the best operating system that you wish to use for your hosting your website or application as it will be hosted over there for a good longtime .
After reading this article and reaching out to this point i’ sure that you have made a general idea about the server and company you should use to have good performance and a secured website .
If you’re planning on using wordpress to build your website then linux is the one for you , no question about that .
But in other cases than the questions answered in this article are the ones that will help you make your choice .

Use Linux Hosting      Use Windows Hosting


Can i use linux hosting on windows

Yes , it is possible to use linux hosting on your windows device .The hosting you will use is not related to your operating system , in fact it is related to the server you purchased from the hosting company .

What is difference between linux and windows web hosting

Linux Hosting is open source and customizable in contraire of Windows hosting , however the windows hosting is more secure than Linux hosting .

Linux server vs windows server web hosting

Both are very good hostings , it mainly depends on the use of the client . if you are using ASP then you should use Windows hosting and if you are thinking about using wordpress then linux is the one for you .

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