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Nuance Dragon Anywhere 12 , all explained in one article



Nuance Dragon Anywhere 12 is a software that gives you the ability to convert your speech and words into written text . Above all It can be considered the world’s most famous and effective platform for transcription . Therefore Its voice detection is extraordinarily accurate and precise .

As mentioned Nuance Dragon Anywhere helps to make it very easy to create  documents , edit them and share them directly from your own mobile .

Then you can burn them into disc if you want using Roxio Creator Nxt 8 .

Nuance Dragon Anywhere 12

Who is Nuance Dragon Anywhere for ?

Nuance Dragon Anywhere 12 is used by a lot of people , such as teachers or an online business or you can just use it on your local shop .

In other words there is no limit for this software it’s just you and your imagination , and how you would like to use it .

Nuance Dragon Anywhere Features

+ Multiple Versions
+ Browse in internet fast using your voice
+ voice commanding
+ Dictate anywhere

Dragon Anywhere Pros And Cons

Nuance Dragon Anywhere ProsNuance Dragon Anywhere Cons
+ Available in Android / Iphone / Ipad+ Requires an internet connection
+ Customizable Macros
+ Excellent compatibility
+ High actuality
+ Possibility to export documents

 Dragon Anywhere Pricing

Nuance Dragon Anywhere’s price can be seen as very cheap compared to all the features it provides and the help it gives to people .

The Software’s price is 15 Dollar / Month .

Nuance Dragon Anywhere Availability

Nuance Dragon Anywhere 12

Nuance Dragon Anywhere Made it very easy for people to reach out to their software by purchasing it on their online store with one click .


Nuance Dragon Anywhere is really worth it . And you definitely need to try it to feel the beauty this little software can bring to your life . As it makes missions very easy to do , which also gives you the ability to invest your time properly . 

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