How to Make Proton VPN Premium Accounts

How to Make Proton VPN Premium Accounts With Mod APK

In this year alone, over 34 VPNs have entered the market. We have reviewed most of them to figure out which one is the best.

The majority of internet users usually think that their browsing is safe. However, when you browse the internet, every step you make can be monitored.

Like everyday life walking, you leave a footprint to every place (in every site) you visit.

So every site you visit has helped gather information about you, whether they are collecting cookies or just regular infos that do not require your actual permission.

In most of them, this is mentioned on the privacy policy page to make it clear for the website visitors. 

Let’s face it, who reads the privacy policy page of every single website they visit? I know I don’t.

More than 47.3% of actual internet charges that were faced to individuals in courts were based on their web identity and their footprints, which are IP addresses and MAC addresses.

These two are the main reasons people use VPN, to hide their IPs or change them.

Before the end of this article I am going to tell you :

Hide Your Ip With Proton Vpn



I have personally tested different VPNs in all different angles like speed performance and latency.

I have also checked them for code gaps, potential backdoors, and malicious scripts to spy on users.

I also tried different servers from different countries to test if their performances differ from one country to another and find out which are the best.

How to hide your IP

Using the Proton VPN, you can surf the internet safely and soundly without leaving traces behind you.

Using it, you can also access hidden and blocked services for your countries, such as Netflix, firestick and different websites that don’t accept individuals from restricted countries.

To hide your IP address, you should log in to your Proton VPN account, access the dashboard, and then all you need to do is to choose a server where you want your new IP to be located, sectioning it your IP will automatically be changed to a random one from the country and city you have chosen.

No worries, you can always get your original IP back whenever you disable the Proton VPN and turn it to off mode.

Is Proton VPN worth it

Proton VPN has two different plans, the free plan and the paid ones.

Is it worth playing

Both are very good, and both can be used for different purposes. Of course, the paid one has better option and features, but if you are on a budget, you can start with the free plan and upgrade it over time if it goes along with you.

For what can we use Proton VPN

It can be used for all the reasons a person can be using a VPN, such as safe browsing, streaming, and gaming.

The VPN delivers good gaming performances and online streaming cause of the live updates that keep the network regularly.

Features of Proton VPN

  • AdBlocker: Proton VPN uses this feature to block all the annoying ads, especially if you are user with a server located in tier 1 countries that are highly targetted with ads.
  • End-to-end Encryption: This feature makes the VPN secure as it leaves no hope for someone to track your moves when you use the VPN.
  • Open Source: Being an open-source VPN makes Proton VPN stand out as it gives its users the trust between the company and the software.
  • Accelerator: the accelerator helps to keep the VPN performances highly accurate. This feature is essential, especially for gamers that experience high latency time in other VPNs.

Specialists opinion

I have personally contacted a different range of profiles composed of software developers, applications testers, online gamers, streamers …. and the list goes on.
After Testing this VPN, the opinions were different, and these are the results :

  1. 16 of 25 people have admitted that they were amazed by the performance of Proton VPN.
  2.  4 of 25 have said that it is mediocre and that it is what they were expecting from the VPN.
  3.  2 of 25 have said that the VPN has disappointed them and were looking for something better than this.
  4.  2 of 25 said that it’s normal and you get what you pay for and have advised you to test the performance of the VPN in the free plan before thinking of purchasing it.
  5. 1 of 25 informed us that the servers in the USA and South Africa are outstanding, the ones in Europe are normal, and the ones in Africa are a little bit slower.

Pros and cons

Pros & Cons

  • Gamer Friendly
  • Fast Response
  • End to End Encryption
  • Has a Free Plan
  • Good Support
  • Not Available yet on the phone
  • African servers can be slow
  • not all are countries are available on the free plan


Proton VPN premium accounts

Premium Accounts give full access to different features and countries and provide more options to the users.

Sharing An Account with a person who is not a family member is not recommended as the account can face some suspension issues.

It can also expose your sensitive information to the person with whom you’re sharing the bill.

This can be very risky when you share it with a person you have no info about.


Both plans can be beneficial for both professionals and individuals. Whether you have a small or big budget, Proton VPN can accomplish the task you are requiring.
The pro version gives full access to all countries and several servers, so you can have a broader range of choices to choose from to find the server that suits you best.


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