run windows programs on mac

Run Windows Programs On Mac in same time

Use Windows And Mac in One Computer in Same Time

Is It Possible To Run Windows Programs on Mac ?

Yes , you can run windows programs on mac or software on your mac in a very easy way that you’ll discover in this post .

And No this is not a new trick of Apple Simmilar to iphone tricks like pew pew .

Use Windows And Mac in One Computer in Same Time

How Can you run windows programs on mac ?

You can use all the windows softwares and programs you want and have a sort of virtual machine in your mac instead of buying another computer where you’ll run windows , the way you can do that is by using Parallels Desktop .
Note that you can easily go from your mac to windows and get back to your mac in seconds , you are not going to switch your mac’s operating system , you’ll have both mac and windows in the same time .

What is Parallels desktop ?

Parallels desktop is a software that gives you the ability to create windows virtual machines on your mac and start using both from the same device without having to buy another computer which can be expensive  .

Parallels desktop  Features :

+ Easy of Use : No skills are required , once you’ll purchase the service you’ll start using your windows virtual machine on your mac in a smooth way .
+ Fast : The Utilisation of the virtual machine is smooth and there are no bugs .
+ Easy to Set Up : No need to be a pro to set it up , anyone can set it up and start using it .

Available Parallels desktop Windows operating systems

You can choose any windows operating system you want to start using it on your mac :

 1-Windows 8
 2-Windows 8.1
3- Windows 10
4- Windows Server 2012 R2

Parallels desktop System requirements

1) Operating system :

1- macOS Big Sur 11.0
2-macOS Catalina 10.15.5 or newer
3-macOS Mojave 10.14.6 or newer
4-macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 or newer

2) Processor

1- Intel Core 2 Duo
2-Core i3
3-Core i5
4-Core i7
5-Core i9
6-Intel Core M
7-Xeon processor

3) Graphics

+ Intel
+ Radeon

4) Storage

+ 500 MB of Free Space is required .

5) Memory

+ 4 GB of Ram is required .

Parallels desktop Pricing

Based on all their features and the services they are providing you’ll think that Parallels desktop‘s price would be something around 100 Dollars a month or something like that . However the truth is that their prices are really cheap , using a windows virtual machine on your mac would only cost you 39.99 Dollars / Year .

Parallels desktop Availability

Parallels desktop made it easy for every Mac user to have a windows virtual machine , their software is available online and you can directly purchase it via their online store


In the presence of Parallels desktop there is no need for a mac user wishing to use windows to go out and buy a new computer or change his old one , Parallels desktop is very cheap compared to what it brings , a lot of Parallels desktop users recommended it to their friends and family .

Use Parallels Desktop NOW !

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