Starbound Dedicated Server

Starbound Dedicated Server : Unleash The Beast Inside of You

All Gamers Know That Hosting Your Gaming Progress can literally take your gaming into a whole new level . On the other hand , most gamers view games hosting only as a way to increase gaming experiences .

However , Pro Gaming Hosting , a blend of the two strategies , can help you to make your gaming more professional . At the Same time , it can help you generate revenue from it .

To make the most of your gaming skills , it is important to have a starbound dedicated server . You need to understand what makes other Starbound gamers more professional than you .

What Is a Starbound Dedicated Server for Gaming?

A Starbound dedicated gaming server is a computer that hosts the game for you . This type of server enables a reliable, stable, and fast connection to your Starbound Account.

A Starbound Dedicated game server offers more processing, memory, and storage capabilities than other hosting solutions.

When to Use a Starbound Dedicated Server ?

Whether you are new to the Starbound gaming world or a pro that has years of experience in this game . Using a Starbound Dedicated Server can be used for different uses such as :

  • Full Control

One of the best Advantages of investing in a Starbound Dedicated Server is that you have complete control over your gaming experience .

You can control how many players you have in the game , You can also configure the server how you wish including choosing the game configuration and choosing the operating system .

In addition , you are the boss , you set up the rules such as number of rounds , which weapons are allowed and which are not , who plays and who doesn’t .

  •  Security

A Starbound Server is More Secure than your Personal Computer. Hosting providers make Sure to invest heavily in cybersecurity so that they can provide protection , firewalls and backups to their clients .

As already Mentioned earlier you will be able to Control who is playing on your server .

  • Reliability

Starbound Dedicated Servers Come With Cooling systems , Backup Generators and High levels of Power . Which Means that you can have Access to the game 24/7 .

What is The Best Setup For a Starbound Server ?

For Smooth gaming and Best experience the following criterias are essential to have best starbound server :

  •  3.5 GHz Processor
  • 64 GB RAM
  •  SSD Hard Drive
  •  DDos Protection


Start Setting up your Starbound Server

Where to Buy a Starbound Dedicated Server ?

Purchasing a Starbound Dedicated Server can be done through the Contabo Website , Pay in Mind that you will not purchase a physical Server .
Instead of that you will rent a server That is located in one of the contabo departments over the world and you will have direct access to it directly from your home without having to move from your couch .

Go To Contabo Official Website


A Starbound Server is worth Investing in it , Especially if you are a passionate gamer that likes to have Funny gaming moments with friends .
Beside that , Having a Starbound server can help you improve your skills and take it to a whole new different level .

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