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Stellar Data Recovery – Here is what you need to know about it


Losing your data can be very painful and sometimes costly. Your lost files can be personal such as vacation photos and videos of happy family times that are truly priceless. It can also be professional files that you have been working on for weeks or months which can be worth thousands of dollars. Fortunately, your lost or deleted files is only temporary if you use Stellar Data Recovery to retrieve it back for you.

Unplanned things can happen and you can lose your files without any warning. But with  Stellar Data Recovery, you can get back your personal or professional data in only a few minutes.

Why use Stellar Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery software has new and very useful features that can help you to get back all your lost data as:

+ Deleted file recovery : so you can recover all your accidentally deleted files.

+ Partition Recovery : so you can recover your data from damaged, formatted or deleted partitions on any storage media device.

+ Raw Recovery support : search data based on signatures and recover hard drive data

+ Recover data from Crashed Computers and OS : you have an option to create a bootable recovery drive to recover data from crashed operating systems.

+ Virtual Machine Recovery : recover data from your virtual machines.

+ Deep scanning : very useful to recover data that you didn’t find using normal scanning .

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What can you recover when using Stellar Data Recovery ?

Stellar data recovery dashboard

As soon as you activate the software, you can immediately recover your lost files. Stellar gives you the ability to recover all data or just some specific category of data such as videos, images, emails or folders. You can use a filter and choose the category that you want to recover and keep the others that you don’t need as deleted.

Stellar Data Recovery System Requirements

Stellar Data Recovery is compatible with Windows and Mac so that everyone can use their software and back up important lost data. Below are the software’s system requirements :

1) Windows

 + Operating system : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.

 + Memory : 4 Gb minimum is required for installation .

 + Hard disk : 250 Gb for installation .

2) Mac

 + Operating system : MacOS Monterey 12 and lower versions.

 + Memory : 4 gb minimum is required for installation .

 + Hard disk : 250 Gb for installation .

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows     Stellar Data Recovery for Mac

Final thoughts

Losing your data is an experience that you do not wish for anyone to happen. But if it happens, it won’t be the end of the world for there is Stellar Data Recovery that can help you get your files back. With Stella, your files were never lost.

Stellar Data Recovery is not only feature heavy, it is most tested and most awarded. Practically, you get better recovery rate and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows. You can also use it on 3 devices. Don’t just take my word for it, try it for free up to 1 Gb.

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Stellar Data Privacy

Will my data be safe?

Yes , your data and files will always be private and safe as no one will have acces to them except yourself.

does stellar data recovery work ?

Does it really work?

Stellar Data Recovery has gone through multiple rigorous testing. Try the software for free. 

Stellar Data Recovery Free Trial

Does Stellar offer a free trial?

Yes, up to 1Gb of data. Stellar Data Recovery offers value for money plans depending on your requirement.

how long does stellar data recovery take ?

How long is data recovery?

There is no exact time for Stellar to recover your data as types and sizes of data vary a lot. Depending on the amount of lost data on the drive or media, it can take from a few minutes to several hours. But the important thing is that Stellar will get you your data back.

what is stellar data recovery ?

Is it Windows or Mac compatible?

Stellar Data Recovery gives you the ability to retrieve all your accidently lost or deleted data from your computer whether it is a Windows laptop or a Mac computer.

How much is stellar data recovery ?

How much does Stellar Data Recovery cost?

Stellar Data Recovery has a free plan. Click on the link below to see their affordable plans.

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