VPN Proxy Master vs Zenmate vpn

VPN Proxy Master vs zenmate vpn – Find out which one is perfect for you


VPN Proxy Master vs zenmate vpn is a new vpn’s race that will surely become famous in future .

Both Vpn Proxy Master and zenmate vpn have managed to put themselves in good positions compared to very famous vpn such as ipvanish .

Aldo they can be seen as new vpn’s however their quality and performance is very good and has it’s benefits of using .

Vpn proxy master vs zenmate VPN in streaming

Both vpn can be very good when streaming on netflix or other browsing platforms such as youtube or twitch . However in streaming it is recommended to use Zenmate Vpn as it has a little higher speed .

VPNs Security

Both vpns are very secure . Using them will surely give you  protection and anonymity when browsing the internet . In this category both vpn’s are equally secured .

Vpn proxy master vs zenmate VPN Performance

VPN Proxy Master vs Zenmate vpn Performance

Using the two vpns you can have a very good quality performance when gaming or browsing as both guarantee fast internet response . However Vpn proxy master has a better quality connexion .

Free trials

Both vpns have a 7 free days trial so you can maybe try both and then you can choose which one of them you’ll start using .

Use Vpn Master 7 days free trial     Use Zenmate Vpn 7days free trial

Vpn proxy master vs zenmate VPN  Phone

Both Vpn proxy master and zenmate VPN have their phone applications .In other words , you can easily use them when you’re on your personal phone at the same time when you use them on your personal computer .

VPNS Availability

You can easily purchase the one you want from Vpn proxy master and zenmate VPN using their online stores .

Visit Vpn Proxy Master Online Store     Visit Zenmate Online Store

proxy master vs zenmate Pricing

Zenmate VPN is a little cheaper than Vpn proxy master . Zenmate Vpn’s monthly subscription starts at 2.22 $ / Month and Vpn proxy master’s subscription starts at 3.75 $ / month .


You can still be confused about which one of both vpn’s to choose . Well , let me give you a little idea both vpns have a 7 day free trial so you can easily subscribe at both vpn and start using them and comparing them .
After a while of using them you’ll surely find yourself very familiar to one of both the vpn’s . That is the one you should go with and start using it for your streaming , gaming or just secure browsing .

Use Vpn Proxy Master Discount    Use Zenmate Vpn Discount

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