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WordPress Security – How to get coverage and protection?

Do you really need security for your WordPress website?

The pandemic has significantly accelerated the conduct of online business transactions. A lot of new WordPress developers were born between 2020 and 2022. With this growth, cyber security threat has also increased with more potential preys. Securing your website from these threats should be one of your top priorities for your online business as the time and money you spent can be taken away in an instant if you are not propertly protected. The last thing you want to happen is somebody taking advantage of your website’s vulnerability.

What options are there for wordpress security?

There are plenty of options in the market for WordPress security.  However, very few of them can really protect your wordpress website from the rapidly emerging cybersecurity threats. I would like to cover 2 security providers that can give your website the protection that it needs. 

+ Virusdie
+ Sucuri

Which one is better, Sucuri or Virusdie?

Both Sucuri and Virusdie provide very good coverage and protection to your wordpress website. Sucuri is a little more expensive than Virusdie.

If you are a beginner looking to protect just one website and you are not ready to spend, I recommend you use Virusdie. Virusdie has a free plan that you can use for one website. As it is a free plan, the features are very limited but it would allow you to explore on how Virusdie can better protect your WordPress website. 

If you are a professional and have an adequate budget then you should seriously consider Sucuri.

Wordpress Security

Where can I buy Virusdie or Sucuri?

You can visit their official stores so you can purchase their services to start protecting your wordpress website.

Virusdie Official Store     Sucuri official Store

Final thoughts about WordPress security

Using Sucuri or Virusdie will both provide coverage and protection for your WordPress website. Both Sucuri and Virusdie provide you daily reports about your website’s security and also checks your website for possible malwares. 

Compared to other website security providers, Sucuri and Virusdie are relatively cheap if you see all the services and features they provide, so it is definitely worth it.

Protect your Website With Virusdie Now    Protect your Website With Sucuri Now

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